Callard and Cowdery

At Callard & Cowdery we can make the greatest contribution to the businesses we know the best –professional services firms: environmental, architectural, design, engineering, planning, compliance, remediation, natural resources management, regulatory/permitting, industrial hygiene.

We’re the best fit for a firm 5 to 30 years old, $5mm to $50mm in annual revenue.

Most often our clients are owners – a single owner, partners or a group – who started their business based on their technical expertise, passion and vision. They’ve worked hard for years, achieving steady growth, but often feeling like there was untapped potential for more.

As they start thinking about retirement, they wonder how to prepare their business for that transition and what needs to be done now to be able to eventually extract the greatest return for their hard-earned years. Are there improvements that could enhance their firm’s value? How does the firm stack up against key industry benchmarks? Would an employee group, private equity investor or competitor buy the firm, what is it worth and can we make it worth more?

Private equity firms looking to invest in our growing industry approach us with slightly different needs. They are looking for or have already identified a potential firm for investment and are looking for an experienced management team to grow the company, increasing its revenues 3-5x over a 3-5 year period in preparation to sell

And sometimes it is boards or shareholders who are looking to increase the value of their firms and need an experienced, outside point of view to assess current strategies, recommend and implement changes, and forecast potential returns.

In every case, these Callard & Cowdery clients benefit from the kind of real-world expertise that enables them to weigh options with a complete understanding of the risks and rewards; plan and execute strategies with expert counsel at their side; and move forward toward their personal and business goals with complete confidence,


"Over the last ten years, I have worked with John Cowdery in different capacities – serving on a private company Board to which he reported as CEO and recruiting him to lead educational sessions on “operations best practices” for AEBL (Association of AE Business Leaders).  I have learned much from John about effective organization accountability and leadership, especially in fiscally challenging times. As AEBL executive director, I rely heavily on his seasoned insights and guidance. ."

Kathryn Sprankle, Executive Director
Association of AE Business Leaders (AEBL)