Callard and Cowdery

At Callard & Cowdery, we work with CEOs, COOs, business owners, private equity firms and boards to improve financial and operational performance as part of a strategic plan for growth, succession or acquisition.

Here’s how we do that:

We help owners explore succession options – employee purchase, private equity investment, sale/acquisition.

  • Is employee purchase a possibility? We have experience and financing relationships to set up internal ownership programs.
  • The acquisition market has been very active. Can your firm be positioned to be acquired?
  • Is your firm looking to enter new markets or new geographic locations? Are you looking to acquire companies as part of your strategic plan? Do you have a well thought out acquisition strategy?

We design and execute plans that prepare companies for the chosen succession option and maximize the returns their owners receive.

Almost all succession plans involve building value. To accomplish that, we can undertake a variety of specific assignments, including:

  • Assessing and streamlining back office practices and procedures
  • Evaluating and implementing project management process improvements
  • Financial performance benchmarking
  • Developing internal incentive programs and performance metrics

Business owners planning for change often find themselves in unfamiliar territory. We can provide experienced leadership consulting to assist owners with:

  • Clarifying the firm vision and mission
  • Executive coaching – communicating a consistent message to the firm and key personnel about where you are heading, why you are going there and how you plan to get there
  • Developing plans and timelines for bringing firms to market, including leading M&A activities and representing the firm in sale or investment transactions

Working on a limited number of assignments at any one time enables John to provide hands-on involvement, even assuming interim CEO/COO duties or Board positions to keep plans on-strategy and on-schedule.

"John is serving as an outside Advisory Director to our Board. In the short time he has been with us, John has shown the ability to zero in quickly on critical issues. Those may be in financial data, strategic planning focus, or operations. He obviously brings a wide spectrum of experiences to provide us the different perspectives we need."

“He also has a fine sense of humor.”

Guy Erickson, President/CEO
Harris & Associates